Motorola Nexus 6 Deals

  • 13MP IMX 214 Image Sensor
  • 2.7GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™
  • Lollipop® Android 5
  • 2160p (4K) UHDvideo
Memory sizes

Motorola Nexus 6 Contracts Price Change History

Shown below is the price trends chart for cheapest Nexus 6 16GB Blue contract deal based on lowest pay monthly line-rental of the contract offer which includes Free handset.

Monthly contract cost = MIN (Line rental where upfront cost is zero)

All new about Motorola Nexus 6 in the UK

  • Motorola Nexus 6 is no longer available in Google Play Store

    According to the reports, Motorola Nexus 6 which went on sale late last year is no more available on the Google Play Store. Last year, LG Nexus 5 was available on the Play Store for much longer even after the launch of the Nexus 6 smartphone, and lasted until March this year. On the other [...]