The Concept of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Takes a Minimalistic Approach


The concept of the all-new Samsung flagship the Galaxy S8 has been already very much preferred by the smartphone designers. As of now, we have discussed many rumours, news and different exclusive targets of this handset and in this post, we will discuss a new cool one which is regarding an essential approach taken by […]

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Microsoft Surface Phone Rumours: UK Release Date, Features & Specifications


We can’t forget that since Microsoft’s addition of Nokia it has unveiled many Lumia Windows 10 mobiles, but the Surface phone would be an entirely new phone which adopts the brand name Surface and could stay along with Lumia phone instead of replacing them. Here we will discuss everything about the Surface phone rumours, with […]

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Acer Jade Primo is now available for pre-order in Europe


If you remember Acer showcased a Windows 10 smartphone, Jade Primo, at the IFA event last year. This phone was once again announced at the CES event this year. According to the latest reports, Acer’s Jade Primo is now available for pre-order in Europe. It is listed on Orange and Expansys Portugal website. As far […]

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