Microsoft Brings Cortana to the UK On iOS and Android with a Fresher Look and Revamped Design

Microsoft has upgraded its voice-based virtual assistant for both iOS and Android platforms. The update enhances the performance of fast actions, making it simpler and quicker for getting what you require. A fresh, new appearance allows users to personalise the features. At present, Cortana also features full-page, clear answers for a better detail of the […]

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5 Steps to Download & Install iOS 10 On Your iPhone & iPad: Upgrade your iOS now

In September 2016, Apple unveiled the ultimate version of iOS 10 – based on your connection. And now it’s free for the iPhone and iPad users. So, here are some steps to get iOS 10 installed on your iPhone devices for getting the latest features: Step-1: Supported devices iOS 10 is available as an upgrade […]

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New iOS 10.1 Update Comes with Exciting New Camera Tricks for The iPhone 7 Plus


Apple has started rolling out iOS 10.1, the most noteworthy update to the iOS platform since it was first introduced in early September. In addition, there are a host of security fixes added in this update. The prime new feature in this update just advantages the owners of the iPhone 7 Plus, although, with a […]

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How to record iPhone or iPad screen using QuickTime Player for Mac

Apple iPhone

Screen recording is a new iOS feature which allows you to capture what’s on your iPhone or iPad display using the QuickTime Player for Mac. Below is the process to record your iPhone or iPad screen to capture Skype calls, gaming sessions etc. As per sources, this new Screen recording feature is easy to set […]

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Facebook and iOS


Facebook said that iOS app is draining excess battery on iPhones. Social Network claims that it is really important to look into this issue. The company even said that people are complaining about this issue and they are looking for the solution and soon fix the problem. Number of bloggers have explained and written in their blogs […]

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Apple pulls ad blockers from its App store over privacy fears

Ad Blockers were seen in iOS for the first time ever last month only, and enabled the users to stop commercials popping up as long they used Apple’s Safari browser. However, there are some applications which are blocking advertisements in third party apps as well. These apps are using something called a root certificate to […]

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