Android Vs iOS

Are you planning to buy a new phone? Well! The most important decision to make is regarding Android or iOS operating system. With the smartphone market booming these days operating systems have seen a lot of changes in terms of appearance, utilities, credibility and usability. Since the very beginning of this dog fight, mobile phone […]

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Motorola Moto G5: Hands-On Review


Motorola has been on the top of game for so long now that it seems almost inevitable that its latest handset, Moto G5, will also take over the budget smartphone market. Moto G5 was unveiled in Barcelona at MWC 2017, and follows a similar array to the predecessor Moto G4. This phone has been improved […]

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HTC 10 will get “World First, World Class” camera on front and back

HTC has released a marketing tagline, through which they have announced their new device, HTC 10. The tagline says that HTC’s 10 will get “World First, World Class” cameras both on the back and front of this smartphone. With these claims, we can expect this handset to be a first class and first world device. […]

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