Oneplus 5T Vs. iPhone 8: What’s The Difference?


5T is OnePlus’ latest Android flagship. So, how does it stack up next to Apple’s most affordable iPhone? Here we are comparing the OnePlus 5T and the iPhone 8. We have put the newly announced OnePlus 5T head to head with Apple’s iPhone 8 for design, specs, features and value for money. Oneplus 5T Vs […]

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Moto G5 vs Moto G5 Plus: What’s The Difference?


With Lenovo announcing the launch of two new Moto Gs at MWC 2017, users are now in a dilemma about which of these all-new budget devices they should buy. Here in this article, we have made the job easy for you by investigating the difference between Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus. Prices When Reviewed […]

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LG G6 vs Google Pixel & Pixel XL: Best Android flagship contenders for 2017 go head to head


LG recently announced the new LG G6. That makes it one of the heavyweight rivals of the current favourite Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Price and UK availability: As the LG G6 deals got unveiled very recently, we do not know the exact price range. But we can expect it to be £500-£600. The Pixel […]

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LG G6: An Excellent Union of Hardware and Software


LG G6 is an excellent smartphone which can compete against any smartphone of these days. It has come at the crucial time of LG. After its announcement at MWC 2016, this astonishing smartphone has been found performed really well like the best smartphones on the market. Here find the complete review of the LG G6: […]

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Rumours around the release date of new Sony Xperia X2: We just can’t wait for this phone.


After owning the mobile arena with the Xperia Z series, Xperia X and XZ, the technology giant, Sony is back with a bang with the brand new Xperia X2. The brand, which once owned the flagship phone market, has decided to reenter with the Xperia X2. Probable release date: The Sony Xperia X series was […]

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Secretive Nokia D1C Running Android 7.0 Nougat Spotted On GeekBench


Nokia, the Finnish smartphone manufacturer, which until recently had been the carrier of the tech giant Microsoft in the smartphones sector with the Windows OS, it was a bit more than broken up by the latter organisation in a deal which closed in 2014. Well, this transaction actually left the Finns as made one repel […]

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Snapdragon Vs. Exynos Processor

Samsung S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 has awesome features.These high end devices launched in New York City and some awesome features.At the same; Galaxy Note 5 has similar Features like Galaxy S6 edge+ has latest operating system of Android Lollipop with 4 GB of RAM. So speed is not an issue with Device. Samsung […]

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