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  • We compare the prices of the mobile phones and we are not an e-commerce site for sale and purchase.
  • Our website gathers all the data and information and presents them to the viewers.
  • We follow the growing trends of the mobile companies and always strive to give the users updated information.
  • Prices of the products and services are as per the published update.
  • The user can access the offers selected by him/her along with the terms and conditions of that offer.
  • Payments and transaction procedures are liable to change because of the change in the source website.
  • Many retailers are doing online business so we strive to deliver information about them. A general idea of the products is provided so that the customers are able to compare and then buy them.
  • The information is subject to change at any time period and we are not responsible for it.
  • When the user agrees to the different terms and conditions, then he is directed to the source website or the e-commerce site with the retailer’s details.
  • If the customer has any query with the handset, features, price or payment terms, then he/she can directly contact the retailer during shopping.
  • We do not involve but act as a catalyst to enhance the shopping experience of the customers.
  • Warranty or guarantee of any handset is not available on our website.
  • We shall not be held responsible for any fault of the product or services.
  • We are not liable for the damage or loss incurred by the customer from our website.
  • Apart from these terms and conditions, we neither save nor provide the personal information of the users to any third party. To improve the experience of the users, we like to apply cookies.
  • The copyrights of our website are preserved. As said earlier, we do not involve in the process. No link is being held between any of the retailers or manufacturers. The various information, logos, names, and products are solely for the customers to gain knowledge. No companies are represented in our online portal.
  • All the contents of the website are patented, owned and licensed. The contents are as per the design, look features, picture quality, graphics and battery back-up.
  • Duplicity with the website and its contents shall be a subject of criminal offence. Unauthorized customers are subjected to copyright infringement.
  • We employ such terms and conditions for the benefit of our valuable users for a smooth surfing.

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