Great Perfection With Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung launches now its brand smartphone Galaxy S9 as well as Galaxy S9 plus in UK. Both of Samsung’s flagship smartphones were introduced in the Mobile World Congress held in late February. Features for You Now Samsung’s flagship smartphone is the most focused on the camera. Both the smartphones come with the primary camera on […]

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Samsung Galaxy X: Release Date, Rumours And Specifications

Recently, Samsung has confirmed that the foldable Galaxy X will be launching in 2018. Reliable sources have suggested that the actual release date will be towards the end of the year. It is expected that the phone will be added to one of the few rarest smartphones this year. Rumoured Specifications About The Galaxy X […]

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Oneplus 5T Vs. iPhone 8: What’s The Difference?


5T is OnePlus’ latest Android flagship. So, how does it stack up next to Apple’s most affordable iPhone? Here we are comparing the OnePlus 5T and the iPhone 8. We have put the newly announced OnePlus 5T head to head with Apple’s iPhone 8 for design, specs, features and value for money. Oneplus 5T Vs […]

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Apple iPhone 8 Plus review

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Apple has without any doubt has created a global market in the recent decades. The iPhone is globally recognized as a mark of excellence. Apple has launched the new iPhone 8 plus this September. This new version is fully loaded with a host of new features and options. Many new features are added and a […]

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iPhone X Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review


 iPhone X Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: Which Is Better? The iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are undoubtedly two of the biggest smartphones ever made from two of the biggest brands. Since both are now available, which of these come out on top? Is it the iPhone X or Galaxy Note 8? […]

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