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  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge 3will receive an Android upgradation of 7.1.1

    Samsung has announced that two its phones Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge 3 will receive a Nougat Android upgradation of 7.1.1. in the first month of the coming year. The business organization will no longer release this backdated software in its phones once it has been taken away. In fact, no complaints will also [...]

  • Samsung to launch Galaxy S8 with LG made batteries in April

    With the launching of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 buyers were hardly reluctant to purchase this series of smartphones. So Samsung’s next step is going to be a question of life and death for the company. With the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 the company will hopefully be able to restore its ancient customer satisfaction and [...]

  • Microsoft Brings Cortana to the UK On iOS and Android with a Fresher Look and Revamped Design

    Microsoft has upgraded its voice-based virtual assistant for both iOS and Android platforms. The update enhances the performance of fast actions, making it simpler and quicker for getting what you require. A fresh, new appearance allows users to personalise the features. At present, Cortana also features full-page, clear answers for a better detail of the [...]

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